4 Ways to Get Fit Without Spending A Fortune


Now that January 1st has come and gone, I wonder how many people have already fallen by the wayside when it comes to their ‘Exercise more’ resolution.  I know how resolutions go, so I bet it’s a lot!

If you haven’t yet given up or want to get back into it, or even if you haven’t gotten started yet, here are some affordable or even free ways to meet your exercise goals this year.

  1. Go for a walk – A brisk 30-minute walk can get your heart pumping and burn a good number of calories.  I know that it’s cold in many parts of the country, but as long as there is no snow or ice to increase your risk of a slip and fall, what’s stopping you from throwing on a jacket and gloves and going out for a stroll?  Think of it this way, the cold will probably make you walk even faster, which is a good thing, right?
  2. Join a cheap gym – I am a member at Planet Fitness, and it costs me the tidy sum of $10 per month, and a recurring annual fee of $29.  That averages out to about $12.50 per month, and they have something for everybody there.  Don’t fall for the hype that a more expensive gym will somehow get you in better shape.  It’s not true.
  3. Find an exercise partner – If you just can’t drag yourself to the gym, chances are you will find a way not to go, that is if you’re planning to go by yourself.  But, if you have someone else that you’re going with or meeting up with, that drastically increases your chances of success.  An accountability partner is a great way to stay motivated, because you can help each other out.
  4. Be realistic – When people start exercising, more often than not they see a complete transformation.  They envision dropping 50 or even 100 pounds, going from zero visits to the gym to four or five per week, and all sorts of great things.  Those are all fantastic goals, but unfortunately, they’re usually a long ways away from someone just starting out, and once that realization sets in after the initial enthusiasm fades away, that can cause people to lose motivation if they see the goal as too far away.  Setting smaller goals that are within reach from the get-go will provide a lot more motivation and cause for celebration that will increase your odds of keeping it going!

Exercise and fitness are important goals that we should all strive for, but the point is that they don’t have to come with a big price tag, despite what all the ads on TV and the web are probably telling you.  Using the above or similar tips will increase your odds of hitting your fitness goals, all without breaking the bank!

What are your fitness goals for the year and how do you plan on hitting them?

Thank you for reading.

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