How To Save Money This New Year's Eve


So many of us are focused on Christmas, which is just a couple of days away, but right around the corner is New Year’s Eve.  Celebrating the fresh start that a new year brings is always popular, but it can be very expensive.  For those who will still be reeling from the financial impact of the holidays, here are a few tips on how to save money but still have a good time this year:

  1. Host a gathering – Instead of going to a bar or club where you’ll pay three to four times the amount you’d get on a normal ‘bar night’ (with no extra benefits except maybe food from a lousy buffet), have friends over.  If everybody brings something, everybody can have a great time for much cheaper, and you can be safer too.
  2. Look for special deals – Groupon and other deal-of-the-day sites will have special deals for New Years gatherings.  Sign up and keep an eye out. You’ll still pay more than you would on a ‘normal’ night, but take comfort in knowing that many of the other people you’re elbow to elbow with probably paid a lot more!
  3. Make it a couples day – Forget the big celebrations. Go see a movie, go to dinner, and head home with a bottle of champagne.  All that will add up to a much quieter, more relaxed time, and it could be more fun in other ways!
  4. Make it a family time – Get pizza, have fun snacks and drinks for the kids and for the adults, and make it a special night for those kids who normally don’t get to stay up that late (and trust me, many will crash before midnight anyways!)
  5. Start your New Year’s resolution a day early – If you’re going to make a resolution that involves eating, drinking, or spending less, start a day early.  You can then hit the ground running and save some bucks in the process!

What other ways can you save money this New Year’s Eve?  Whatever you choose, be safe and have fun!

Thank you for reading.

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