How Paying For An Amazon Prime Membership Can Save You Money


When you spend money on a good or service, typically there’s a cost involved that you don’t recoup.  This isn’t the case with Amazon Prime.  A membership to Amazon Prime costs $99 per year, but you can make that money back, and then some, by taking advantage of what your Prime membership offers.

That’s right, paying $99 now can actually put money in your pocket.

Here’s how!

  1. Free 2-Day Shipping – The biggest benefit that most people know about and use Amazon Prime for is the free 2-day shipping on many items.  This is great.  One tip is to make sure that you’re in fact getting the lowest price.  If you are, then free shipping can save you in a number of ways.  First, it avoids you having to go to the store to spend money on the item. This reduces your purchase of gas and other wear and tear on your car.  Cool!
  2. Amazon Will Pay You To Avoid 2-Day Shipping – If Amazon has a product you need at a great price, and you don’t need it in two days, guess what?  Amazon will effectively pay you to accept delivery past 2-days.  If you select ‘No Rush’ shipping, you can get a $1 credit on future orders.
  3. Amazon Prime Video and TV – When you  have Amazon Prime, you have access to a rotating library of streaming content.  If you have a Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV, or you can stream from a mobile device, you can watch this content right on your TV at home. And it costs you nothing!  Many people save money by cancelling competing subscriptions, or staying in to watch a movie instead of going out and spending big bucks at the theater.
  4. Streaming Music – You can stream music through the Amazon Music service.  They have lots of great content, and you can search by artist, song, genre, or album title.  There are very few searches of major artists where they don’t have at least some of their content.  Forget about spending money downloading your favorite songs as there’s a pretty good chance that Amazon Music has it or will have it soon.
  5. Free Books – If you have a Kindle device, you can ‘rent’ a book at a time at no cost if you’re a Prime member.  This is way cool!  If you love to read, this is a great benefit that can save you money on books or even having to drive to the library, if you rent anyway.

Amazon Prime is great.  $99 for an entire year of the benefits that they provide is great, but if you really start adding it up, that cost can work out to even less for you and your household.

Do you use Amazon Prime?

Thank you for reading.

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