5 Ways To Save On Beer


I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I know that a nice cold one hits the spot every now and then, and maybe sometimes a little more often depending just how much you like it!

Beer drinking can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  However, you don’t necessarily have to drink swill in order to save money.  Here are a few tips on how enjoy your suds both affordably and enjoyably.

  1. Shop Around – Where I live, liquor is regulated by a state minimum price, but beer can be put on sale below the regular price.  As such, it makes sense to shop around.
  2. Be Flexible – While most people have their ‘favorite’ brand or two, many times you might find a great deal on something that is outside of what you normally drink.  Keep an open mind and you could save money.
  3. Look for happy hour or other specials – If you prefer to drink away from home, then look for times when happy hour specials will save you money, as you can often save 50% or more on certain brands.  Also, even outside of happy hour, many places will have certain brands on special for the entire day.
  4. Split a pitcher – If you’re out with friends, and you enjoy the same beer, consider splitting a pitcher, as the price per glass is often a lot cheaper than buying one at a time.
  5. Buy more – Instead of buying a 6-pack, consider buying a case, as your cost per beer will be a lot cheaper, again with economies of scale.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to drink responsibly, and if you’ve found that you’ve had a few too many, use some of the money you saved to call a cab or an Uber ride home.

Thank you for reading.

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